The Interview Doctor

Hicks Kimber Mears

After over twenty five years’ experience in the global executive recruitment sector and having conducted literally thousands of interviews, Graham Hicks never ceases to be amazed at the naivety of the majority of managers and executives with regard to their knowledge of the dynamics of the recruitment sector. Indeed the majority set about looking for another career opportunity totally disadvantaged because of a lack of understanding of the recruitment and interview processes and potentially become prey to the first unscrupulous recruiter – of which there are many – which they meet.

The Interview Doctor is not designed to replace traditional outplacement support but rather to give an “insider”, honest, pragmatic and direct view on the “musts” and “must-nots” of seeking alternative employment, which is frequently not found within drawn-out outplacement support often given by someone who has never been a recruiter. It also exposes many of the disgraceful if not illegal practices that occur within this sector which can become a stumbling block for many in finding the right career opportunity.

The Interview Doctor offers a one-on-one Surgery lasting a morning or afternoon between Graham Hicks and the executive or manager seeking an alternative career opportunity.

After the Surgery you WILL, without any doubt at all, be better equipped by the “insider” knowledge gained:

  • To identify the career opportunities for which you should apply
    – what is and what isn’t a genuine vacancy!
  • To understand the motivations of the recruitment “players” – clients and recruiters
  • Interview selection – how and why most suitable applicants don’t make it!
  • To totally understand recruitment processes from advert to shortlist interviews
  • Your CV/Resume is not to get the job!

Above all after the Surgery you will stand a far better chance of gaining an initial interview for a real career opportunity with a profile match and therefore a far better chance of becoming the successful candidate.

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